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Wondering how to get foreign currency cash? Introducing the Axis Forex Online, your online destination for foreign currency cash and Forex Cards! With a simple 3 step process of registration you can buy any foreign currency cash or Forex Card of your choice. Check out the video if you want to know how to apply for Axis Forex
card or foreign currency cash.

Once you register on Axis Forex Online you can load the desired currency into your Forex Card and travel to your favourite destinations cashless. Also, if you are visiting different countries in one trip, you can load multiple currencies to avoid the hassle of currency exchange at every location.

If you want your foreign currency in hard cash, you can place the order for your desired currency on the Axis Forex Online website and receive the foreign currency at your door step. With Axis Forex Online services for foreign currency cash, you can say goodbye to standing in long queues and the risk of carrying foreign currency notes around the city.

With Axis Forex Online, you can apply for foreign currency cash and foreign currency card online from the comfort of your home or office.

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